Kiss Daddy Goodbye

This telekinetic killer munchkin flick is not like anything you’ve ever witnessed. You know your old Unk not only has a high tolerance for lameness, but also a masochistic sweet tooth for it, right? Well, I may have finally met my match. Here is a movie that had me waxing nostalgic for the brilliant acting in CATHY’S CURSE and the technical achievement of THE CHILDREN. Watching KISS DADDY GOODBYE is sort of like watching your clothes twirl around in a drying machine while overdosing on Quaaludes. It’s not so much a movie as a celluloid incantation infused with the power to make time stop.

After watching their father get lazily murdered by vaguely interested motorcyclists, lethargic psychic-wonder twins Beth and Michael reanimate their pop’s corpse. Revenge for his ghastly murder is put on hold, as zombie Dad’s primary function seems to be as an unpaid servant/chauffeur. (If your idea of horror is watching blank faced children eating yogurt and building sand castles look no further). Social worker MARILYN BURNS (THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE) and police officer FABIAN FORTE are at risk of discovering the truth about the tykes if they ever leave the one-desk police station set they seem perpetually trapped in.

As dopey as the general plot is, it’s the film’s delivery that will hold you spellbound. Everyone seems hypnotized and perhaps discretely zapped with unseen cow prods when required to speak. The only word I can think of to describe the two children’s performances is “narcoleptic.” To tell you the truth, I’m not the type to require that a film have even passable acting in it. I’ve done without many times before and I’m fine, who am I LEE STRASBERG? Yet, I would prefer that actors are at least of the caliber to deliver a line without trailing off, getting glassy eyed or becoming visibly bored.

At some point the director must have gotten as exasperated as myself and decided to coin the term “think-speak.” This is when the kids stop talking all together and begin to communicate by awkward silences and barely focused half stares. It doesn’t really solve the problem but it does, at least, present a much-needed break from it. MARILYN and FABIAN do not fare much better, which is a shame because those two are sort of my dream cast. I have a feeling that just being in the general vicinity of the children made them drowsy. The two are sort of forced to walk in circles throughout and spend a great deal of time waiting for MARILYN‘s car to get fixed.

Frequently shown on ELVIRA’S MOVIE MACABRE, this is one movie that benefited richly from colorful inserts filled with bad puns and big boobs. Even without ELVIRA‘s help, though, there is something so backwards and misguided here that you’re sure not to ever forget the experience. Mind numbing drudgery aside, there is probably no way a person could get through a viewing without laughing out loud at least once. Maybe laughter was not the response the filmmakers intended but it sure beats a yawn.

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Amanda By Night
14 years ago

There is a guy in this movie who buys Vodka and soda in a can! And drinks it!

Yeah, it’s a bad movie but good lord, that Fabien. Me-ow!

14 years ago

Nope. Not a very good movie at all.
I have to disagree with you on the yawn thing. After laughing once or twice in this movie the only thing left to do is enter a deep state of meditation… or yawn.

14 years ago

Wasn’t “Caution-Children at Play” the original title? I remember reading about it in an early Fangoria, then never hearing about it ever again.