Mother’s Day Funhouse

“I’m so proud of my boys- they found all ten differences!”

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10 years ago

1. Blood dripping off of the axe
2. The eye hole(s) on the hood
3. Third row of studs on the leather wristband
4. The hand guard thing on the knife hilt
5. The top of the back of Mother’s chair
6. Strand of ribbon on the gift box top
7. Circle or whatever on the suspender
8. Top row of teeth in the severed head

That’s all I’ve got…

10 years ago

lace on mother’s collar is longer in bottom one!

wow – this is harsh. and i’m way out of practice! i’ll keep trying for the last one.

10 years ago

oh! the outside chair leg is longer in the bottom pic!!!! yay!!

10 years ago

what can i say? i’m a pro at games you’d find in children’s magazines!