Name That Craven Funhouse

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Madamoiselle Macabre
6 years ago

Ooh, I’ve posted answers to the Funhouse under my true name in the past but this is the first time under my alias.

1. The Hills Have Eyes
2. Summer of Fear
3. Deadly Friend, I think?
4. Deadly Blessing
7. Last House on the Left
10. Scream

6 years ago

Hmm, I was think of The Serpent and the Rainbow for 4. Maybe The People Under the Stairs for 8. And I totally cheated to find number 9! Google says that’s Invitation to Hell, which I’ve never heard of, but now MUST see – so, thank you!!

Madamoiselle Macabre
6 years ago

Are they:

5) Shocker

6) The Hills Have Eyes II

Matt Sunshine
Matt Sunshine
6 years ago

I think #6 is Shocker.