Name That Trauma:: Gary B. on a Werewolf PSA and a Two-faced Town

Hi! I’ve submitted a Name That Trauma once BEFORE and it took your readers only about 3 hours to solve that lifelong mystery. So I’m back with two more. I think these are gonna be pretty tough. I’ve tried everything to find them, but I can’t. Let’s see if your readers can come through again!

1. We’ll start with the really difficult one. This was an anti-drug PSA that aired in the early 70s. I remember a man would go into his bathroom, and look at himself in the mirrored door of his bathroom medicine cabinet. He was in a robe, had messed up hair, and a 5 o’clock shadow. He opened the medicine cabinet, frantically swallowed some pills, and closed the medicine cabinet. But when he looked at his reflection after taking the pills, he was…gasp…a werewolf! Clearly, the message is that drug abuse causes lycanthropy. Anyway, it scared the crap outta me.

2. I think this one will be easier, because I am about 90% certain it was an episode of “Night Gallery“. Again, this aired in the early 70s. The scene was set in the old west. There were horse and buggies, and everyone was wearing old west attire. I remember a man running through the streets screaming for someone to help him (I don’t remember why he needed help). But everyone he ran to for help had ghostly white faces! They reminded me of mimes. Not see-through ghostly, just white clown paint. I specifically remember a man in a top hat with a ghostly white face, but there were many others ghost-faces also. The ghost-faced people would laugh at his cries for help, and mock him. I think I remember the scene ending with them surrounding him – pointing and laughing at him with their white ghost-faces, and closing in on him as he shrieked in terror. One last detail – I think I remember that the man did not belong in the old west. He had gotten there accidentally through some wacky time travel mishap. But I may be fuzzy on that detail.

I’d really appreciate it if you could share these two submissions with your readers. I’m hoping to finally confront these traumatic experiences as an adult!

Love your blog! Been reading it forever!

UNK SEZ: Thanks Gary! That first one sounds awfully familiar but I think I’ll have more luck helping you with the second! The movie you just described sounds a whole heck of a lot like 1971’s BLACK NOON! We’ve got a full review for that one back HERE! It’s a western with the TWILIGHT ZONE vibe you described and a real knock your socks off revelation at the end! Let me know if I got it right and if so, thanks for giving us a chance to mention that creeptastic gem again!

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7 years ago

The second sounds like the end of the Night Gallery episode “Camera Obscura.”

The G-Man
The G-Man
7 years ago

Thank you so much! Another 40+ year mystery has been solved by the readers of the blog. It was indeed the Night Gallery episode “Camera Obscura”. When I watched the episode on Hulu today, I was amazed at the detail that was forever burned into my 5 year-old brain. It was exactly as I remembered it!

Oh, and Unk…even though you didn’t solve this one personally, I had an extra 74 minutes today, and they were well spent watching “Black Noon”. So you at least introduced me to a creepy-as-hell piece of obscure 70s TV trash. 🙂

Thanks guys! This blog rocks!