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Name That Trauma:: Adam W. on Two Alien Terrors

May 8th, 2018 by unkle lancifer · 4 Comments

Hi Unk,

Longtime reader here, I love your site. It always brightens my day to read through all of the writing here.

I have a pair of film images that have been rattling around in my skull for close to forty years, and it’s now driving me crazy that I can’t figure out where they come from. I need help! Both of these scenes / images are from what I believe to be 1950s/early 1960s science fiction films, which I caught on some far-flung UHF channel.

The first scene is of a group of astronauts / explorers making their way through a mist-covered swamp on some hostile planet. At one point, they spot what appears to be an oversized, basketball-sized spider which proceeds to leap onto one of the men’s heads, killing him. I think they end up blasting it with a laser gun or something.

The other movie I am trying to place has a scene where a group of men (scientists?) are standing in front of some sort of alien hedgerow or wall. One of the men sticks his arm through the hedge/wall, screams, and then pulls it back out, his arm now completely frozen or turned to stone or something similarly horrible.

Can anyone tell me what movies these are from?


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2 years ago

Hi Adam!

I can help you with the second movie. That film is called “Journey to the Seventh Planet” from 1962. It was a Danish sci-fi flick that American International released here. It starred John Agar and Greta Thyssen. According to legend, AIP’s Sam Arkoff was so horrified by the ineptness of the Danish special effects, that he replaced many of them with effects from some older AIP movies! That freezing scene shocked me too when I first saw it. “Journey to the Seventh Planet” is great Danish cheese!

Jason Varney
Jason Varney
2 years ago

The first one sounds like World Without End.

Nephilim Fields
Nephilim Fields
2 years ago

The second film was indeed “Journey to the Seventh Planet”! Thanks Psmolen! Now I need to watch the whole film to see if it lives up to the eerie feel of that one scene.

I checked out some clips from “World Without End” that I found online, Jason, and I don’t think those are the spiders I’m looking for. The ones from the scene I remember were smaller and more spindly (almost face-huggerish in the dim mist of my memory?) than the beasts I saw in the clips from “World”. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Thanks guys!