Name That Trauma:: Alex G. H. on a Girl Trapped in a Closet…with Spiders!


Love your site!

My friend has a traumafession and I told her you could help her out. The details are spotty but here it goes…

Late ’90s, early 2000s movie that her parents had rented….there was a little girl locked in a closet, a kidnapping situation. And then spiders got involved!

This is probably a tough one.

Thanks for everything, whether we can solve this or not.

UNK SEZ: This a tough one and I have a wild, wild guess. Could it be possible that the spider mentioned was not in the closet but in the film’s title? I’m imagining a kid watching ALONG CAME A SPIDER (2001) which involves a kidnapped girl, who at some point, I believe, is kept in a closet and thinking that at any moment surely a spider was going to make an appearance. I know it’s a reach but you never know. Of course, there is probably a movie out there with a little girl in a closet with an actual spider in it too! Do any of our fine readers know of such a movie? Please come into our parlor and let us know!

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8 years ago

Not sure what the Trauma source is, but I just wanted to pop in and say that R Kelly is a musical genius! Welcome back Unk and John!