Traumafession:: Sofia D. on Oakie Doke

Hi, I’m 14 so I don’t know if I really count with the whole ‘ruined childhood’ thing, but I do have a show that continues to scare the crap out of me. When I was around 3, and my brother was 5, we used to watch a kids show with our mum called OAKIE DOKE. It was about a friendly tree guy who helped his forest friends with their problems. But he still managed to be creepy as hell, despite the innocent pretext. He talked to himself, and had this creepy smile that never changed, even when he was talking, so it looked like he’d snapped years ago and was close to brutally murdering all the forest critters. All the characters looked like dolls with painted features. This probably isn’t really the sort of thing you look for, but I wanted to submit it. Thanks!

UNK SEZ: Au contraire, Sofia D! This is exactly the sort of thing we’re looking for! There is something clearly not right about this Oakie Doke fellow. He looks like he might be related to my childhood nemesis the dreaded MISS HICKORY!

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8 years ago

I remember the one episode where all of the characters just screamed and screamed the whole time…

AH WAIT that was Candle Cove, my bad.

Seriously, how do the creators of some of these children’s shows decide where to draw the line before it becomes too disturbing for their target age group’s sensibilities??