Name That Trauma:: Amanda M. W. on a Soft Spoken Possible Psychopath’s Cable Access Show

I’ve tried tracking down this New York public access show from the late 70s/80s. I’ve tried EVERYTHING. Every person I know that resides in NY, a TV oddity collector and even posted on reddit. No luck. This is my last ditch effort. If you can’t help me, I totally understand.

In 07′ I was visiting a friend who lived in Manhattan. He didn’t have cable. Just rabbit ears and a piss poor signal. While he was at work, I came across this public access station. They were showing a marathon of this cable access show. I’d date it around 70s/80s. The host was this rather average built man. Probably 30s. His name was John. Most of it was filmed in what appeared to be his mother’s faux wood paneling basement (complete with dead bodies I’m sure). He would go around NY and find these really strange people to interview. One had a doll collection. One read poetry in a park?? I don’t know. I was mesmerized. I was terrified. He was so creepy. He was soft spoken but you KNEW he’d cut you in a second. My friend who eventually came home from work, sat on his crappy futon with me..watching this..totally amazed.

I don’t know if you can be of any help to me..or even want to. But any suggestions or even a “no dice..we don’t help people’ is fine. I just really want to find out what the hell I was watching.

Thanks in advance!

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9 years ago

I know this isn’t exactly what you’ve mentioned for details (this is in Chicago and not Manhattan), but I did find a late-80s cable access show in which a guy from his basement goes around interviewing people as part of his series. It’s called “This Week in Joe’s Basement” and you can see episodes online here:

9 years ago

Amanda M. W here
WertherEffekt: Thanks for providing that link. I’m from Chicago and vaguely remember Joe’s Basement. I just wish I could remember this stupid show from NY!

unkle lancifer: Soft Love Explorations needs a 1-900 listed as well.