Traumafessions:: Piotr W. on the Flashback Wolf Invasion in Mr. Inkblot’s Academy

Hello there, Kindertrauma!

My name is Piotr and I’ve written to you once before, asking for help with naming a trauma. This time, I’d like to make a traumafession regarding certain Polish movie that was a huge trauma for me… and, from what I’ve heard, quite a lot of people of my generation.

The movie is 1983’s “Akademia Pana Kleksa” (“Mr Inkblot’s Academy“). It’s a movie (based on a book) about a magician named Pan Kleks (Mr. Inkblot) and his magical academy for boys. It’s a very good movie and a source of very fond memories for Poles who were kids in the 1980s. Aside from certain section, that is… A section about wolves.

See, part of the story is a flashback taking place in a fairy tale kingdom. The flashback concerns a young prince who, foolishly, shoots a wolf when travelling through a forest. The wolf in question turns out to have been a king of all the wolves… and his death causes a bloody retribution: an invasion of wolves, who overrun the kingdom, siege the capital and, eventually, kill the young prince’s whole family.

Sounds ghastly? I’d say yes, even to our adult minds. Then imagine, if you will, what it was like for children. Who were actually *shown* the whole story on the screen. Just imagine scenes with legions of wolf-headed troops walking with torches, howling, their eyes flashing… with a hard-rock soundtrack booming from the speakers. This stuff was horror-movie level of scary… Believe me, a lot of people of my generation name this sections of “Academy” as the scariest thing of their childhood.

I’ve done some searching and I found the particular scene posted on Youtube. See for yourself:

A curious fact: the song that plays in the background was composed for this movie by TSA, an important Polish hard rock band.

Well, here’s a traumafession for you!


Piotr W.

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Piotr W.
Piotr W.
8 years ago

Glad you liked it!

There are a few Traumafessions I could make, as there were a few things on TV that scared me as a child. For once, there was this one day in my early teens when my parents allowed me to watch “Nightmare on Elm Street 3″… Still, I decided to share this bit with Mr. Inkblot and the wolves, as it’s something you might’ve not heard about… plus, it really *is* a kind of generational traumatizer. You see all these comments under that YT video? Most of them says “I was afraid of this scene, too!” and similar stuff. There really were legions of Polish kids that got traumatized by it…

8 years ago

That’s a messed up clip Pitor. In the words of Randy Quaid “it’s bad luck just SEEING something like that.”

I’m sorry your childhood in Poland was traumatized by that. Kindertraumas know no borders.