Name That Trauma:: DX on Overgrown Brows




I’m told you may be able to help me…

Do you know the name of this movie? I think it’s a one-word title beginning with “D”. 50’s, 60’s or 70’s b/w. About radioactive waste off the coast somewhere in the British Isles. Possibly sunken in barrels. The people in the village get overgrown brows, and their fingers possibly begin to fuse. Babies born with defects. Some outside agency tries to convince them it’s radiation but they’re too superstitious to believe it? I think? I saw this at age eleven and it’s haunted me since. It’s not “The Giant Behemoth“. Does it sound familiar at all? I developed a habit of brushing my fingers across my brow, just to check that it hadn’t “grown over”. Thirty-six years later, and I still do this.


UNK SEZ: Hey, I think I know this one! We had it at the video store I worked at and it happened to have a very unusual VHS box with its poster art image going sideways. I do believe you are looking for DOOMWATCH (1972). Check out its wikipedia page HERE and the trailer below and let us know if we got it right. Thanks for writing in (and the great description), DX!









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6 years ago

Video of the radioactive barrels.

Unk, if DX says that isn’t the correct movie, I’ll eat everyone of those radioactive barrels. lol

6 years ago

I knew you hit that movie out of the park.

That shame spiral can be rough when they invariably occur. I hedged my bets with the barrels. Even if DX hadn’t been able to recognized movie, I wouldn’t had to have eaten those radioactive barrels. According to the ‘scientist’ in the film, they apparely were full of hormones, pituitary hormones.

I’ve never heard of Doomwatch before today but I guess it was an ecological tale of growth hormone in the food supply. Reminds me of Prophecy with bears and liquid mercury.

Thanks for posting that VHS box. I’ve never seen the artwork sideways before. That is unique.