Name That Trauma:: Brandon B. on a Blue Ghost, a Headless Instructor & Dog Food Dining

Hi, I have three entries. These three did not necessarily scar me for life, but they have chilled me to the bone since I was a kid.

1) A dark-haired woman is seen in her bright white light kitchen, the woman is wearing a bathrobe or raincoat and is cooking something in her pot of boiling water on the stove. The woman (quite starving) opens her nearly empty refrigerator, moving jars around, and finds a can of dog (?) food. She feeds it to her small grayish white dog (might have been a cat) pouring some food in the bowl. She kneels on the floor, if I remember correctly, and begins eating some of the pet food. As her dog comes rushing into the room, she stares at it with this horrible greenish face. I saw this in 1990-1992, but someone said (unfortunately, they just remember as much as I do) they saw it in the mid-‘80s. There might have been a scene where this hand comes out of the pot grabbing the woman pulling her face into the pot.

2) A woman is lying in her pitch dark bedroom. She might be in a hotel. She hears a noise, asks if anyone is there, and then we see a walking/floating ghost hidden underneath a blue sheet. The ghost is seen in the hallway, eventually making its way up two steps of banisters. When it does, the woman calls out a name; I think the name of her former lover. No answer, the ghost flies towards her. The woman does nothing, but stares up at it, fussing, screaming, trying to kick it away with her legs. I saw this around 1990-1991.

3) A late teen (wearing black clothes, pulled back light brown hair) is seen walking in a vacant classroom towards the front of the room. As she walks, a disembodied head of a young man (probably her instructor) flies throughout the room eventually landing on its corpse, which we see resting beneath the blackboard, near the front desk. I saw this sometime around 1987.

(All were shot in color; all I saw on TV, #1 and #2, I think, are night shots, while #3 is a day shot)

I know this is not much to go on, but can anyone here please help me? I asked all around, and no one knows.

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7 years ago

I’ve asked about the first one on here before (, I still don’t know what it is, I’m still searching, and it’s still driving me crazy. I feel like maybe it was a Night Gallery or some other more obscure anthology show from the same era, but I actually have no leads at all.

(I discussed it about a year or two ago with someone on the IMDb “I Need To Know” board, was that you Brandon?)

7 years ago

The first one reminds me so much of the opening vignette in TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE: THE MOVIE, but it didn’t involve dog food or a green face. It did, though, involve a witch being pushed into an oven:comment image

The second one reminds me of the 1989 version of THE WOMAN IN BLACK, but the genders are switched, and only the blanket is blue:comment image

The third movie reminds me a lot of the AMAZING STORIES episode “Go to the Head of the Class,” in which Christopher Lloyd is a decapitated teacher who stays alive and reattaches his noggin. Again, though, the genders are switched:comment image

The third one might be a scene in a Freddie Krueger movie or an episode of his television show…