Name That Trauma:: Chik S. on a Red (Possibly Orange) CGI Demon

I’m about 23 now and I have a VERY vague memory of something I saw that scared the crap out of me when I was 7 or 8 years old. I don’t know where it was, I want to say Sesame Street since I watched it so often, but I also watched Cartoon Network back then and it might have been from there.

It was this red (possibly orange) demonic looking thing animated in CGI. It may have appeared on a screen or monitor. It had these creepy yellow eyes and I recall a mouth that looked like a vent… I remember it had a deep evil voice, and that at one point it said “Who am I?” and laughed evilly. That’s the ONLY thing I remember about it.

I saw it for a short time and every time it appeared I’d run out of the room. If this was SS, I think they took it off because it was scary. This thing gave me nightmares and I wanna know what it was!

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4 years ago

I know EXACTLY what Chik is talking about. Swayzak, a computer virus character that appeared as part as a week-long event on Toonami back in September 2002. My sister tried to send a write-up about that event once but I don’t think you ever published it. The vent mouth, computer monitor, and what she recalls it saying were dead giveaways.

3 years ago

Yes, it had to be Swayzak. My cousin was freaked out by him too, although it was more in his game appearance, when he’d do this ear-piercing laugh.

2 years ago

It’s Swayzak. It’s Swayzak.