Name That Trauma:: J. Smith on Suicide Prevention PSAs

Hi there! I'm looking for an old PSA that scared me shitless when I
was around 6 or 7 around 2008-2011.

It was a suicide hotline ad if I remember, which showed a kitchen,
with a male narrator explaining something (was probably too scared
exactly what it was) while objects fell from the shelves. It ended
with the background music, which I think was just a quiet piano
growing louder and more distorted while several toys and I think
stuffed animals came to life & began to set themselves and the kitchen
on fire. I distinctly remember this part of the ad being done in stop
motion. (I know this sounds ridiculous but I'm almost certainly
misremembering the details)

There was a second ad from the same people that took place in an empty
warehouse. There was a woman sitting in the middle of the floor,
talking about her problems while panes of glass surrounded her,
playing moments from her life. The ad ended with a bird's eye shot of
her getting up and walking offscreen.

Both ads had the number of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
(if I remember correctly, this was well over a decade ago after all),
and since these were pretty high-budget commercials, I believe they
were the ones that made them, but I can't be sure.

These ads aired like clockwork during the 6:00 news (either right
before it or right after it) on my local ABC station (I live in Omaha,
Nebraska if it helps narrow it down), but even though they seemed to
air all of the time, and how recent these ads are, I haven't found a
single trace of either of these commercials on the internet

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