Name That Trauma:: Philip W. on a Short Train Trip to the Cemetery

Hey everyone!

One day back when I was in (yes, really) kindergarten during the late 70s, our teacher showed us a creepy little film that has stayed with me over the years and I was wondering if anyone else remembers it. It was in black and white and was basically footage of a train trip, but there were no actors or actresses. It seemed like stock footage that would be used for advertising or movies, and there was a voiceover track with various people talking – but you never saw these people. So the train pulls out of the station, moves through the countryside and everything is fine and dandy as the passengers chat away. Except the train eventually wrecks. Here’s where it gets fuzzy: I don’t recall how it crashed and I don’t believe the crash was actually shown, but I remember the people hollering and panicking and shots of the train moving fast at night. After a fadeout, the camera pulls back to show a cemetery and the film ended.

Yes, this was actually show to us in KINDERGARTEN (and yes, our teacher DID have issues as well as a wicked temper). It seemed like the film was made in the late 50s or early 60s given the trains featured and the manner of speech on the soundtrack. And it was an actual filmstrip that was loaded onto a projector. I’m not sure of the length, but it seemed like it had to have been over 10 minutes long.

Despite this, I really dig trains and am big on model railroading!

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