Name That Trauma :: Reader Amanda on “A Kids’ Book Where Bears & Crocodiles Attack Royals!”

name that trauma!

I have a story about a book my mother bought at a yard sale when I was a kid. It was a fairy tale story that started innocently enough, with a king and queen having a wedding anniversary. They both want to give each other gifts, so the queen hires a hunter to kill a bear and she makes a fur cloak out of the bear’s fur. The king kills a crocodile and has a purse made out of it. The big anniversary party arrives and everyone in the kingdom shows up to watch the gift exchange. The king loves his cloak, the queen loves her purse. THEN…all of a sudden, the king starts choking because his cloak has come to life and is crushing him with bear arms. Meanwhile, the queen is being swallowed whole by her crocodile purse. I wish to stress this was a picture book. Meaning there was a full page illustration of the king being crushed into a pulp, and the queen’s lifeless foot hanging out of her purse in a puddle of blood.

After my Mom saw this, she threw it out, but its memory remains. I guess the author was trying to make some commentary about killing animals for fashion, but he could have used a medium that wouldn’t result in years of nightmares for little children. I have never been able to find that book again, even on the Internet. I remember being totally horrified, but liking the story up to that point. I used to read it and skip over the bad pages before my Mom saw it. If anybody knows the title of this book, or the author, could you let me know?

UNK SEZ: What a stumper! I have no idea what book this may be and let me tell you, I have looked high and low. How about you readers out there, does this vengeful animal tale sound familiar to you? One thing is for sure, anyone who read this book as a child will remember it! It certainly makes me think twice about buying that raccoon hat I’ve had my eye on all summer! Please leave a comment or email us at if you can help our dear friend Amanda!

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13 years ago

Well, someday I’ll solve the mystery of this book…unless the government rounded up every copy and had a mass burning. 🙂

13 years ago

Whew! I know there has to be other people out there who have seen this book and suffered severe psychological trauma because of it. I just need to track them down! 😉

12 years ago

Got it! It’s The Grizzly Revenge by Ruth Brown!