Name That Trauma: Reader Amanda on Twin Doll Crackers

Dear Kindertrauma,

Thank you for such an entertaining blog. I adore it!

I was wondering if you and your readers could help me with the title of a movie. I only know one scene; I must’ve flipped to it on T.V. and got freaked out and changed it right away but *now* I want to see the whole thing!

Anyway, this would be either the late eighties or early nineties. I am pretty sure it was a made-for-T.V. film as well. This is my memory: Two creepy-looking young ladies, identical twins, in their mid twenties or so, stare at a frightened looking man standing before them. I believe there is a vanity or mirrors nearby. The twins are holding a porcelain doll. They say, in unison, “We share everything.” And then the doll cracks right down the middle! Thats all I remember.

Any ideas? Thanks for the time!


Special thanks to reader phil d. for knowing this trauma is the handiwork of the lovely LANDERS SISTERS in THE HITCHHIKER episode “Split Decision.” Additional thanks to reader sumo1964 for sharing the video:

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phil d.
phil d. (@phil-d)
10 years ago

I know exactly what it is — an episode of HBO’s “The Hitchhiker” called “Split Decision,” starring sisters Audrey and Judy Landers. It’s memorably reviewed at Jabootu here:

Amanda By Night
Amanda By Night (@amanda-by-night)
10 years ago

Wow Phil! That looks AMAZING! Thanks for that link!

sumo1964 (@sumo1964)
10 years ago

The entire Hitchhiker series is on Hulu, just so you know…

Here’s a link to the Split Decision Episode:

amanda_r. (@amanda_r)
10 years ago

hi all; its me, amanda, the one who proposed this trauma-namer!

all i can say is : WOW!

phil d. : you are amazing to be able to name my trauma so quickly!! my memory and the fact that i was around ten when i saw this muddled up a few details but this was totally the show that i saw and you are right on target!!

sumo1964 : thank you for the hulu lead. i watched the episode tonight and absolutely loved it!!

i had *no* idea these were the landers sisters. i didn’t know who they were at the time and in my memory the ladies were actually creepy brunettes but this is totally where my memory comes from and i can’t believe i got to see this episode! i absolutely love judy landers and her work as of late and i think this is so crazy that it all comes full circle like this!

amanda by night: wanted to say i love your blog too and was recently inspired by it to watch the facts of life episode where tootie runs off to new york city and almost becomes a teen hooker! thanks for that!

to everyone at kindertrauma: thank you so much for posting my trauma! i am honored and want to say once again that your blog is completely sublime!


minjofu (@minjofu)
10 years ago

It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen The Hitchhiker 🙂 .. I remember a few episodes of that show being pretty creepy.. The episode mentioned in this post reminded me immediately of an episode of Tales From The Crypt with Joe Pesci .. anyone else remember that one.. One of my favs..