Traumafessions :: Reader Celeste on The Halloween Tree

Hello KinderTrauma!

I read the LITTLE NEMO: ADVENTURES IN SLUMBERLAND submission and have another Ray Bradbury kindertrauma: THE HALLOWEEN TREE (1993)!

I didn’t find this movie in your archives, although if I missed it and it is, I apologize. I don’t remember all that much about the movie (I only watched it once and was terrified) but the thing that I remember (which helped me Google and then Wikipedia it) was that there was a sick boy with freckles (Pip) who had a doppelganger pumpkin. I hated that pumpkin face. In the movie, Pip had to be rushed to the hospital on Halloween, but he appeared to his friends as a sort of ghost and they, thinking he was playing a prank on them, chased this apparition through some woods throughout the movie, and at some point, Ghost Pip acquired a pumpkin with his face.

After reading the description on Wikipedia, it’s supposed to be a really nice film about the origins of Halloween. Too bad I could only think of SLEEPY HOLLOW and the pumpkin head and relate this film to that scary story.


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11 years ago

I was an adult by the time this animated tv adaptation came out, but I must say I read the book it’s based on at least every other Halloween. You can watch the whole animated version on YouTube, though. Here’s part one:

Doesn’t the theme sound very similar to John William’s Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter?

11 years ago

The book is one of my favorite Ray Bradbury works. I have never seen the animation, but I would love to see it in stop-motion like ‘Coraline’ or ‘The Corpse Bride’. The book is charming, chilling and very worth tracking down. You will not forget it.

Thomas Beiter
11 years ago

“I have never seen the animation, but I would love to see it in stop-motion like ‘Coraline’ or ‘The Corpse Bride’.”

That’s genius. It would lend itself perfectly to that medium.

I’ve read the book and I watch the movie with my kids every Halloween. I even decorate my own Halloween Tree by hanging the light-up foam Jackolanterns they sell around Halloween. I still haven’t found my Pip pumpkin though.