Name That Trauma:: Reader Annie on Abusive Anime

Hey all,

You may remember me from when I submitted my Traumafession about the BBC Animated Macbeth. This time I can’t remember the name of the movie that scarred me so.

When I was about 7, I had a brief love affair with anime. What this means is that I liked to watch the episodes of SAILOR MOON that were shown on Cartoon Network early in the morning. What can I say; the short skirts drew me in. My mother, thinking that because I liked this particular show I must like every anime, rented this one movie for me that really damaged my psyche.

All I remember is that the main character is a little boy whose mother is very abusive. I don’t remember if the abusive is physical but I’m pretty sure she was neglectful. This would have been enough to upset me: the whole tone of the movie was pretty dark and unsettling. What I remember most, though, is a scene with a green monster. I remember that the monster is called “a lost soul.” One night, it comes to this family’s house, breaks in, and tears shit up. As I recall, it’s a pretty bloody scene.

I don’t remember much of the movie (if it is a movie at all) but this image stayed with me. Maybe some of you anime experts out there can help me find it so I can watch it again and reassure myself that it’s not as terrible as I remember.


UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! Extra special thanks to Va of Va’s The Cinema Experience for emailing us MERMAID’S SCAR.

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