Traumafessions :: From The Makers of The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond…

UNK SEZ: Look kids! We’ve got some special traumafessions from the makers of THE BLACK WATERS OF ECHO’S POND which opens TODAY!


My first memory of seeing a horror film as a child was seeing JAWS in the theater when it came out. I was terrified and it ruined going to the beach for me for the rest of my life. When Ben Gardner’s head popped out of the bottom of the boat I just about pissed myself! The next one was seeing ALIEN in the theater. I remember getting a stomach ache the next day and staring at my belly afraid an Alien was going to come ripping out of it. I was freaked out. Lastly I think the worst one was TRILOGY OF TERROR. I saw it on T.V. and when the segment played where the Zuni Fetish Doll comes to life and chases KAREN BLACK around her apartment I was in tears and screaming for my mom to turn it off. They wouldn’t shut it off and I had nightmares for months. I was a huge KISS fan and had the Mego 12″ Gene Simmons doll and it kind of reminded me of the Zuni Doll so I had my mom lock it up in a cupboard in the kitchen. I thought it would come to life and attack me.


Hands down, the scariest film I saw as a kid, that still haunts me to this day, is THE EXORCIST. The total fright-experience in WILLIAM FRIEDKIN‘s chilling masterpiece still holds today, because he so brilliantly blurred the lines between make-believe and reality. Because of that film, I can’t tell you how many times at bed time as a child, I had to check underneath the bed, under the furniture, check the closets, etc. Looking back, it seems almost comical that, out of all the places in the world, the devil would choose to lurk in my very bedroom — by the way, THE EXORCIST was on cable again a couple of months ago, and afterwards — I checked under my bed.

UNK SEZ:: Thanks guys for the stellar trauma-testimonials! All you traumatots out there, GO see this movie and support not only independent cinema but guys who are nice enough to supply traumafessions! THE BLACK WATERS OF ECHO’S POND stars the legendary Michael Myers foil DANIELLE HARRIS and JAMES DUVAL of DONNIE DARKO and (my favorite) MAY fame! Heck, you’ll even get a nice dose of ROBERT PATRICK! So whatcha’ waiting for? Go, check your local listings for a theater near you!

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Amanda By Night
12 years ago

Hey, this movie looks pretty great! Thanks for the heads up!

I love to see tv movies in people’s tramafessions. Warms the old dead ticker you see! And Trilogy of Terror is a good one to have scare the crap outta ya!

12 years ago

I remember seeing “Trilogy” when I was about eight or nine. It was on and it was late for me to be up, but my mom said I just had to see it, because I was just ate up about scary things. By the time the doll segment was on I was exhausted and the first two snooze fests didn’t help matters. So here I was, sleep deprived, soda and candified and it the whole thing unspools. As ol’ Karen waits for her (boyfriend?fiance?) and gives that terrible grin I got sick and shivery cold and immediately wanted to unsee it. I’m sure its the same feeling a rabbit gets when its caught and makes that awful squeal. That anticipation of the thudding knife, really made it work. Paranormal Activity did a piss-poor job of stealing it for their ending. I would have much prefered the orginal cop-shoot one.