Name That Trauma :: Reader Brie on Infidelity in Ireland

It wasn’t super traumatizing…but I’m trying to figure out what the crap this show was called.

Family with daughter move to Ireland?

Possibly something about trolls and they put out milk and it turns to blood?

Dad has a dream of the mother screwing someone else and the guy says, “Somebody likes to watch.”



UNK SEZ:: Brie, I think I’ve got this one! Sure, I’ve been known to miss a “Name That Trauma!” or two concerning classic movies directed by my heroes, but I’ll be damned if I don’t recognize a direct-to-video GREG EVIGAN movie! I’ll bet you a bowl of blood that the movie you seek is 1996’s SPECTRE (aka HOUSE OF THE DAMNED)!

Most dismiss this one as a stinky clunker but your Unke Lancifer actually owns a VHS copy of it! Don’t judge me folks, how can I resist B.J. from B.J. AND THE BEAR and BAYWATCH‘s ALEXANDRA PAUL (who also starred in JOHN CARPENTER‘s CHRISTINE) hanging out in a haunted house in Ireland? Plus, as you can see from the trailer below this movie offers both an exploding car and a blood squirting turkey! I’m only human ya know!

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12 years ago

Whoa, it looks like they packed a lot into this one!  Now, where did I put that VCR?

Amanda By Night
12 years ago

Oh man, I want to see this! I LOVE Alexandra Paul.

I have only one Greg Evigan story, well… it’s not mine, it’s Jaclyn Smith’s! Anyway, she did this interview for Lifetime and she was talking about how she is super anti-nudity and chose roles (mostly for tv where it’s safe) because that is just something she’s not comfortable doing and she was making a TV movie with Greg (Lies Before Kisses I think it is) and they have a scene in bed together and so he says, “I like to do all my love scenes nude and I think you should be nude too…” And she said, “I most certainly will not!” And she made it sound like he was rather difficult to deal with. In retrospect, it made me dislike Greg but then I had to remember this is Jaclyn Smith we’re talking about… Who doesn’t want to get nude with her?!? 🙂

OK, that’s all I have to say…

unkle lancifer
12 years ago


I don’t know about J. Smith but apparently Evigan got along really well with Connie Sellecca…

Speaking of Sellecca, why was this show ever canceled?

Amanda By Night
12 years ago

Hahaha! Oh Greg!

I think I have the pilot movie for Flying High. I need to check. It’s some stewardess thingie…