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Name That Trauma :: Reader Cathy I. on a Terrible Totem

March 9th, 2011 by aunt john · 7 Comments

Hi! I have one for ‘ya. It was the mid-’80s and I was with my parents visiting some of their friends. Not sure who they were or even what state we were in. My parents’ friends turned this video on and from what I recall, it was a short film that they said was filmed in the very house we were visiting. I remember my parents’ friends saying they had to leave their house for three days so the film could be made. So this leaves me wondering if it was somebody’s project in school or if it was a short film for T.V., or what?? Everyone was very impressed, that’s all remember.

The basic plot is there is this statue of a totem, or a god or demon something, maybe about a foot high. Someone brings it in the house and now the house is cursed. No one suspects the statue. Strange things start happening. The only thing I remember is something like THE BLOB, where this green or black gunk starts sliming and oozing its way down the carpeted stairs, freaking everyone out, getting stuck on everything, causing horror. This stuff is evil! Eventually they figure out the statue has cursed the house, but only after much damage was done. Perhaps the inhabitants all die or they move away or something. The last shot is of garbage day. You see the garbage from the cursed house on the side of the road waiting to be picked up – INCLUDING THE EVIL STATUE! The garbage man comes by and throws the obvious junk into the truck but picks up the statue and makes an expression like he thinks it’s pretty cool and he puts it in the cab with him so he can take it home. The end.

Did I dream this up? Anyone?



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unkle lancifer
9 years ago

I have a feeling this one might be too obscure to name…

In the meantime, since this NTT involves trash men & tonight is trash night at Kindertrauma castle….

What are your favorite scenes involving trash disposal in Horror???

I’ve come up with….


and the now famous “It’s garbage day!” line.


with Tom Savini as one of the trash guys.


also…. a shout out to the trash trucks in


Amanda By Night
9 years ago

If you’re going to give a shout out to trash trucks, Sleepaway Camp III should be in there somewhere!

Also, there’s a garbage disposal scene in the Amityville Horror movie with Patty Duke. It’s a TV movie, so it was probably not that bad – and it’s been so long since I’ve seen it, I can only vaguely recall anything about it – but I remember it made me squirm when the hand went down that sink!

unkle lancifer
9 years ago

Sleepaway Camp III! That is a good one Amanda!

I’m not sure if this counts but what about in ANTS when the kid is playing in the trash bin and then falls and gets covered with ants and has to run for the pool!?

That scene freaked me out as a kid. The kid dies too if I remember correctly.

Amanda By Night
9 years ago

That kid was Moosie Drier and yes he does die in the movie. I LOVE HIM, btw.

I’d count it. Garbage bin. Death. It works.

9 years ago

How about the 1984 flick called, “The Devil’s Gift?” It was plagiarized from the Stephen King short story, “The Monkey.” It was about a possessed wind up, symbol-wielding monkey. The story does involve demon possessed idols. Can I get a “what what?”

9 years ago

My favorite garbage truck scene is the guy dragged by one through the streets of Rome in DEEP RED.