Name That Trauma :: Reader Eric on a Dancing Dolly

Hey Kindertraumatots,

I have such a vivid recollection of a show I think was THE WALTONS (or LITTLE HOUSE) where there was a ghost, or the house was haunted. At some point the piano started playing by itself and the daughter had an old Raggedy Ann doll near a window ledge whose face stretched and became different somehow (I’m not sure but it may have even moved a bit more or something), but the girl was in bed and terrified. Is it possible that something as wholesome and family oriented as THE WALTONS had a nightmarish ghost episode? The image of that doll’s face has stuck with me ever since.




UNK SEZ:: Thanks for the NTT Eric! That was most certainly an episode of THE WALTONS you saw. We’ve received traumafessions for that one before (HERE). The doll’s face does not actually change but she does move around some and the changing of the light on it probably made it seem even more animated than it was!

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