Traumafessions :: Reader Luna on Evil Older Sisters & Stephen King’s It

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My traumafession is about the movie IT based on STEPHEN KING‘s book.

I’m not sure if this counts but, when I was four my Mother left me one night in care of my three older, teenage sadistic sisters. Right before bedtime the youngest of my eldest sisters (13-14) dressed me in my favorite nightgown and told me that could stay up with the big girls and watch a movie. Of course being four I jumped at the chance! I was a big girl after all. So there I sat with my sisters so happy and exited! They said it was a clown movie so it must of been funny, right?

To my discredit I stayed watching for a long while, and all I remember are these two parts:That there was a clown in the sewer! He had sharp monster teeth! HE ATE THE LITTLE BOY! And someone was in the bathroom and these red spiders or ants started crawling out of the sink drain and on him/her eating his/her face or something more….

There was blood! or red… yeah lots of red.

It was then I looked down at my nightgown and realized that it had the some clown on it (well same clown makeup and style) and thus I screamed, peed myself, ripped off the nightgown, and hid in my room until my mother got home. Not necessarily in that order.

I have since then never watched that movie ever again. To this day clowns make me shiver. Which really, really, REALLY sucks since my father is a professional clown……bitches…….

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unkle lancifer
10 years ago

Luna, you HAVE to send us a picture of your dad as a clown! I want to see that!

10 years ago

Oh dear, my mother does children’s parties on the side for extra cash, too. I certainly have retained no photos! Thankfully this movie and my mom’s sideline came well after I was an adult. It’s still quite disturbing on a primal level to see your own dear mother’s face obscured by paint and overlaid with a fake smile, especially when she isn’t smiling. She always gets perturbed with me & my brothers for being uncomfortable with it and always blames the world’s clownphobia on this movie!

I did have to scroll down right away and get that GIF out of sight. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten very far watching this movie, more due to lack of interest than fear. Maybe I should check it out again. I’ll be sure to wear a Poise pad just in case! ๐Ÿ™‚

Hannabella Doe
Hannabella Doe
10 years ago

People seriously found IT scary. If anything, it’s hilarious, especially the library scene. If I was working as an extra during that scene, I’d be all ROFLMAO.