Name That Trauma :: Reader Jeffery M. on an Old Lady, Dolls & Some Dude

I must have been between three and five years old when this movie scared me. That would have been sometime between 1966 and 1968, and since the movie was on T.V. then it’s probably even older. I can’t remember much. There was an old woman, a room filled with dolls and (near what seems to have been the end) a distressed man locked in some sort of room or closet or cell or attic or something. ‘Sorry there’s so little to work with.

Thanks, btw, for such a great website! A wonderful idea remarkably executed.

-Jeffery M.

UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! Props to faullguy for getting it with KILL BABY KILL!

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11 years ago

Sounds like KILL BABY KILL to me, the Mario Bava movie.  This clip features the old woman, the dolls, and the man trapped in a room (with cobwebs!).