Name That Trauma :: Reader Jory on a Man-Melting Robot

When I was very young I saw something that was absolutely disturbing on my friend’s television. From what I remember, it was a commercial for a movie or show about evil robots. I remember most of the shots being scary, but one shot in particular disturbed me. It was a shot of a black, classic looking robot with very square shoulders and a triangular head melting a man in front of his family. The robot had its hands on his shoulders and was pushing him into the ground. The man was down to his waist and the rest of him was a circular steaming puddle. He looked to be in agony.

UNK SEZ: Yikes, that sounds like another hard one. Does anybody out there know of what Jory speaks? If so, leave a comment or send an email. I’ve never heard of a robot that can turn a man into a steaming puddle. I thought robots only attacked old people to use their medicine for fuel. In fact, I don’t even know why the scientists make them…

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Amanda By Night
14 years ago

I wish I was over 50, so I could get Robot Insurance.

Check out my friend’s short here:

She can get you Monster Insurance. Even better!!!

unkle lancifer
14 years ago

Thanks for sharing that clip Amanda. Tell your friend I got a good laugh. I especially liked when they were listing possible monsters and “sentient cars” scrolled by!