Name That Trauma :: Reader Karen B. on an Eyeball Entity

Dear Kindertrama,

I have a very clear memory of a movie I watched as a child. It may have been of a scientist tinkering with human nature, but my memory is that a man, having a severe itch on his shoulder, scratches and scratches and then one day he wakes up, looks in the bathroom mirror, and an eyeball has popped out on his shoulder. Eventually, an entire head grows out of his shoulder, and by the end of the movie the entity and the man literally split in half into two separate people.

I can’t say that this traumatized more than it fascinated me, as I watched it at least a few times. Do you guys have any idea what movie this is? Thanks for any help.


UNK SEZ: I think I might have this one Karen! I’m guessing it’s 1989’s HOW TO GET AHEAD IN ADVERTISING!

P.S.: Thanks to CLASSIC-HORROR for sending you our way!

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Derek Obrien
11 years ago

I believe it was The Manster

Derek Obrien
11 years ago

Thanks for the compliments! I never saw it myself, I’ve only read about it, and seen a clip of it from IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD…

11 years ago

I was going to give the obvious choice – Army of Darkness – but Derek’s pick looks right on.

11 years ago

Too late to answer, but I immediately recognized this as The Manster (an American/Japanese co-production, incidentally), as a friend showed it to me mere months ago! Worth watching if you like cheesy B-movies of the era, this one also has some film noir-ish moments.