Traumafessions :: Reader Smidget on The Stepford Wives

O.K. …when I was a kid I was terrified of THE STEPFORD WIVES movie. I think it really had to do with the fact that I was routing for her to make it through, and when I found out she didn’t I was like….UGH….but the scariest part for me was the all-black eyes!


I love this movie now, it’s a ’70s classic that SPEAKS VOLUMES about the ’70s and the E.R.A. Love it. Hated the remake. However, the original is pretty darn scary and creepy.

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11 years ago

Wait… the ending of The Stepford Wives was BAD?

unkle lancifer
11 years ago

Ugh, that Stepford wives re-do really was the pits. It’s part of Nicole Kidman’s unofficial “Great material squandering horrendous remake trilogy” which also includes Bewitched and Invasion.

11 years ago

Thanks for making me see the black eyes TWICE not ONCE and PRETTY CLOSE UP.  Then I look below it and see the MR. Sardonicus face, and all the other scary things!!!  LOL!

11 years ago

The Stepford Wives is one of the best structured horror films out there. The slow, brooding tension and unraveling of the mystery is just so well done. I’ll never forget seeing the film for the first time and being incredibly disturbed by the film’s downbeat ending. It might have been one of the first films I saw that had such an unapologetically somber ending.
At the time, I must have been around 7 or 8 and I could handle a lot, but there was something so disturbing about ending a film like that, especially since Johanna seemed like such a nice woman. I think in the back of my mind, I was also scared for her children, since her husband just sold her out. I assumed the kids would be the next on the robot assembly line.
It’s a film that never fails to send a shiver down my spine. What a shame about that remake. Such a great cast wasted with a confusing script.