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Name That Trauma :: Reader Kathleen on an Animated Sacrifice

December 22nd, 2010 by aunt john · 6 Comments


I love your site, and am very glad it exists, thank you!

There’s something I’d really, really like to find.

It was an animation and I know it showed on T.V. at least twice sometime in the late eighties to early nineties, in the U.K., but probably elsewhere too.

It looked a bit similar to DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS visually (‘realistic’ human figures), but didn’t have the same feel at all, some of it was really menacing and alien but it was showed during the day, and it had no sense of humour. It had a title a bit like ‘LORDS OF TIME AND SPACE’ or something like that, but I’ve searched and can’t find anything like it so far.

I remember a particular part where there were three young male characters, one was a boy I think and the other two were both young men, one was blonde and one was dark – and these two did not seem to like each other.

They were on some kind of mission and had to get into some place where some weird sacrificial thing was happening (it felt like that anyway). It’s all a bit of a blur, but I think one of the two young guys ends up sacrificing himself for the others (the dark one I think, but I have a feeling it’s because he thought he was going to get something out of it) and there’s a totally weird image where he jumps down into some pit from a platform, and he’s having a nasty shock then on a weird white fleshy orb with white tentacles sticking out of it, and they’re all flailing up around him with all this white, yellowish, hard flashing light.. it was not nice at all! The other two escape and I guess he dies there.

It didn’t seem to relate to anything else on T.V. at the time, a one-off thing.

I really hope someone else remembers this clearly and can name it! I’ll do anything to see that horrible thing again!


Kind regards,


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10 years ago

Hi Kathleen, I can’t confirm this for sure and I don’t remember that particular episode but with the time frame and the way you describe this it sounds like it may be from a French cartoon called Sparticus and the…um actually can’t think of the full title, I think it had something to do with pirates or lords maybe something like underworld (definitely began with Sparticus though). I know this is all very speculative and I don’t have any full info but I hope it helps some. It was a very dark and disturbing cartoon, I think I remember watching it once while in the midst of a fever. Very very strange

10 years ago

Could this possibly be from the Fantastic Planet? It’s one of the most bizarre cartoons ever created, coming out of Communist Czechoslovakia and hailed as ‘revolutionary’ and ‘ground-breaking’. What it really was was bizarre, dark and disturbing. You should know it by its peculiar look and the bizarre audio/music (funkadelic). Man, I absolutely hate this damn animation.
You can find the whole thing on YouTube.

10 years ago

I was a big fan of ‘Spartacus’ but nothing in that Trauma description rings a bell. It did have an odd mood about it though… for being a kids’ cartoon.

10 years ago

Well Aunt John that’s certainly the one I was thinking of, now, if it’s the answer to Kathleen’s trauma I really can’t say. Still nice to see this opening after all these years again.

Hello Pippy
9 years ago

Yay I know this one its Time Masters (Les Maitres du Temps) a rarely seen british/french feature length animation which was directed by the fantastic planet guy with designs by the artist moebius (who hates it apparently).

The guy who sacrifices himself doesn’t think he is going to get anything out of it but he isn’t going to escape anyway so he uses his horrible psyche to mess up the uni mind so the others can get away.Previously he tries to murder a child because he is delaying his journey.So a complex character.

Love the site btw