Name That Trauma :: Reader Marcel on a Building-Dropping Bug

Reading the article with AMANDA BY NIGHT gave me chills since, for a long time, I have been searching for something that was VERY similar to the Prisoner’s ROVER

When I was a kid (in the 80s) I rented a VHS tape that at the beginning had these previews and one was like this:

In the middle of the desert a man in a suit, laying on the sand, desperately drags himself at a slow pace, like something was about to attack him (but there is nothing around!). Then a quick cut shows us a big city downtown and a horrible noise. Suddenly, in the best HARRYHAUSEN stop-animation fashion we see flying a HUGE giant mechanical bug (shaped like a fly) that gets on top of one of the skyscrapers and yanks the whole thing out with debris falling all over. Cut back to the guy in the desert, cut to the giant fly with the building hanging between her legs, cut the guy, horrible sound getting more intense, cut to the point of view of the bug flying over dunes, cut to the guy hearing the noise, the bug gets on top of him and drops the building…on him.

It was horrific. I remember rewinding it and watching it over and over again. To this day it haunts me to know what that was about.

AUNTIE SEZ: Marcel, you have us stumped! If any of you dear readers know the name of this freaky fly flick, please leave it in the comments or email it to us at

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Amanda By Night
14 years ago

See, I TOLD you Rover was scary, it even inspires chills for other Kindertraumas!

I have been wracking my brain over this one. I wanted to throw out Damnation Alley although I doubt that’s the film (I don’t think I’ve actually seen the whole film), but Marcel’s description made me feel that same post apocalyptic vibe that DA had.
Also, try this website:

I just stumbled across it and it might have a review of this movie, which I’m dying to know the name of!