Name That Trauma :: Reader Mightymouse on Mother/Daughter Dueling Witches

Hi! Hoping you can help me out.

I remember this T.V. movie from a long time ago about a teenage girl that comes to the realization that she has “powers” (witchcraft I think). She slowly spins out of control much to the chagrin of her parents. At the end of the movie she and her mother have an argument and the girl is ready to let loose her powers on her mother when all of a sudden the mother sends her reeling across the room with a look – it turns out the mother has the “power” too but doesn’t use it. There is a struggle then finally, with the girl in tears, the mother puts her arms around her and holds her.

I saw it last so long ago that I admit some of my recollection might be off – I thought the mom was LEE GRANT and Googled her all over the place to no avail.

I hope you haven’t already reviewed this movie – I’ve been reading you for a while and have looked through some of your archives.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


UNK SEZ: Thanks for the NTT MM! Your mentioning of LEE GRANT & witchery conjured up THE SPELL in my head but I could not remember if GRANT had secret powers in that. I immediately got on the horn with TV Movie expert AMANDA BY NIGHT of MADE FOR TV MAYHEM and she confirmed my suspicions and recognized the description at once as THE SPELL! AUNT JOHN did review THE SPELL (and GRANT‘s TWIKI-cut) way back in the day HERE and I’m happy to add that THE SPELL is currently available both on Netflix Streaming and at no charge on Hulu!

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10 years ago

I found a bootleg of this on DVD a few years ago,
If you are a fan of campy after school specials, you’ll love The Spell.

unkle lancifer
10 years ago

I can’t believe I blocked out the mother daughter telekinetic face off! How could I forget something so hilarious & amazing? I’m thinking that since I watched this one with AJ hooch may be the cause of my memory loss.

megatone, I agree! This is a good one!