Name That Trauma:: Reader Pho22 On Burning Ashes In A Pool

This trauma is not from my childhood, it’s actually from earlier today but I wondered if you guys could help me anyway. I was in a restaurant and there was a black and white movie on the TV with the sound off. In the movie, a man is followed around by a woman and two children who stare at him with automaton blank looks on their faces. Eventually he turns into a smoldering silhouette of ashes at the bottom of an empty pool. The movie ends with several of these ash figures in the pool and then the pool fills with water that washes them away. I don’t know what channel it was on but it’s been bugging me all day. Any ideas?


— Pho22

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Ben Sher
11 years ago

What movie is the “Name That Trauma” picture from? I love their looks!