Name That Trauma :: Reader Tom K. on Speared Soldiers

Dear Kindertrauma,

I’m interested to see if you can help me identify a horror/sci-fi movie I saw years ago. The movie itself was probably from the 1980s and I remember seeing it on HBO. I only caught the movie from what I thought was its last scene. The scene involved men, possibly some sort of military, rappelling up out of a cave or crater (is that even possible?) while firing automatic weapons.

They appeared to be trying to escape a large crate or sarcophagus that was sitting on the floor of the room that was in the cave/crater. Tentacle-like arms burst forth from the sarcophagus/crate and shot out and impaled the rappelling commandos like they were spears. That’s when it was revealed that there was some sort of fleshy blob inside the crate and it shot these tentacle things. That’s all that I remember.

So far my best guess is that it may be THE TREASURE OF THE FOUR CROWNS.




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12 years ago

I doubt Twiki would know, but Dr. Theopolis might.

unkle lancifer
12 years ago

If Judy Landers doesn’t know, nobody does.

12 years ago

This is just a shot in the dark but could it have been Endless Descent?