Name That Trauma:: Richard R. on a Creepy PBS Halloween Program

Hello, Kindertrauma!

This must have been the mid-to-late-70’s. There was a show on PBS that I actually saw a couple of times–I believe it was broadcast for a few years around Halloween. It was a group of actors with ghoulish makeup on a plain black-box set performing a series of stories in a sort of readers’ theatre/oral interp style. I don’t remember most of the stories, but I believe one of them was an adaptation of the Grimms’ fairy tale about the Boy Who Left Home to Learn Fear. The actors took on most of the narration duties, but there was also an unseen narrator for some parts–a guy with a creepy/soothing voice. The whole thing was accompanied by organ music, and it all ended with a song number by a group of classic monsters about how they found a home together in a haunted house. I’ve googled every possible descriptor I could come up with, and no dice all around. It’s driving me a little crazy!

Love the website!

Best regards,

Richard R.

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4 years ago

I think your movie Unk is Guns 1976.
Couldn’t get the video to work, you might try it if you want to sign up.
Guns 1976

If you have you library card handy, you might be able to listen to the audio.

The year is 2076, the nation’s Tricentennial. Guns are outlawed, but the last seven surviving weapons are in captivity and on display in your city zoo. Billy the Kid’s colt .45, Andrew Jackson’s dueling pistol, a retired military rifle, a backwoods hunting rifle, a playful plastic toy gun, an unfinished nuclear handgun, and the flashy Saturday night special. In plotting and executing their escape, they see for the first time what they were really made for and why they can never be free.
An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Edward Asner, Tyne Daly, Bruce French, Robert David Hall, Tommy Hicks, Ella Joyce, Marnie Mosiman, James Reeder and Yeardley Smith.
Featuring: Edward Asner, Tyne Daly, Bruce French, Robert David Hall, Tommy Hicks, Ella Joyce, Marnie Mosiman, James Reeder, Yeardley Smith

IMDB has a bit less information on it.
In 2076, guns have long been outlawed. For the Tri-Centenial, six of them (Colt 45, Duling Pistol,Hunting Rifle, Military, Saturday Night Special, and Toy) have been put on display in a zoo as reminders of what they do. They discuss their individual history through song and dance with the prompting of the voice of their Keeper. They wonder why they are locked behind bars.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Saturday Night Special