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Name That Trauma:: Vi on a Woman in a Red Dress, a Headless Doll & a Frosty Windsheild

April 28th, 2014 by unkle lancifer · 4 Comments

Hello! I recently discovered your site, and spent (no lie) about a day and a half going through the archives trying to see if I could find a movie that no amount of googling has been able to turn up. It was something my mom was watching that I caught pieces of in the early 90s. I think it was a made for TV movie, because of the quality of the production, but it could also have just been an older feature film (I want to say it was made in the late 70s to early 80s, going by the guy’s haircut that I can remember). Here is what I can remember, in non-chronological order:

*A woman in a red dress with long dark hair who either lost a baby, or wants one to the point where she is treating a doll as a real baby.

*The abusive husband/boyfriend of crazy red dress lady, who at one point flips the hell out, and rips the doll away from her and tears its head off.

*A mother and daughter are driving in a car, when the windshield suddenly starts to frost over/crystallize, causing them to panic.

I think the aforementioned daughter was kidnapped by Mr. and Mrs. Crazypants at one point. Crazy red dress lady eventually is killed by her equally crazy man. I think this event is seen as a vision by another one of the characters, who sees the man hulk-out in rage as the background flashes in a weird effect. This may have happened immediately after he tears the head off the doll, but I don’t think so. Her body is found on a shore, but I don’t remember if it washed up or if it was ditched there.

I’m pretty sure there was some supernatural element to the movie, hence the vision and the windshield weirdness. It’s also possible that I’m merging elements from different movies in my head. The weird flashing background as the guy flips out gave me nightmares, and I haven’t been able to forget it!



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6 years ago

I hope so too! It’s possible that the windshield thing is from a different movie, my mom likes to marathon TV movies and I didn’t sit and watch through the whole thing, but I really want to know what was up with crazy red dress lady! Thanks for posting this!

5 years ago

That sounds a lot like “The Premonition” (1976) with Sharon Farrell.
Hope this helps!

5 years ago

OMG that’s it! I had misremembered just enough that I wasn’t able to track it down, and had missed the crucial bit about how red dress lady was the little girl’s biological mother (it all makes sense now!) Thank you so much!