Sunday Viewing Suggestion :: Darkko on Abby (1974)

Abby (1974) starts with a group of students talking to Dr. Williams, who is an expert on the deity of chaos and trickery, Eshu. Soon to be leaving for Nigeria on an archeological expedition, his students give him a sweet silver cross necklace as a going away gift.

While exploring caves, they find a box with a carving on it. More specifically, it’s Eshu with an erection. I can’t be sure, but as they struggle with how to open it, I think they end up twisting the wooden boner. Dr. Williams exclaims, “Yes, of course!”

The box is opened, dust flies everywhere, and there are several demon cut away flashes of what looks like a female Hulk (Lou Ferrigno style).

Eshu proceeds to make an instantaneous cross continental journey back to good ole’ Louisville, Kentucky to wreck havoc on Dr. William’s daughter-in-law (Abby) and extended family! What follows is a passive aggressive possession of Abby and her violent sexual adventures. I mean, why didn’t Eshu just go after Dr. Williams and his team in Nigeria? When Reverend Emit (Abby’s husband) calls Dr. Williams to tell him what’s going down, Dr. Williams takes a stab at logic and thinks it’s because Abby is overwhelmed by, “All the Church and community activities.” At one point, Abby feels like some kind of Saturday Night Fever/Exorcist splice up. Disco/funk music plays in the background as Abby alternates between being horny and picking up guys in a bar, to violently tossing these same guys across the room while laughing maniacally.

The cornucopia of expletives that flows forth from possessed Abby’s mouth is reason enough to watch this film! As Abby says, “Killing is too much fun!”

Warner Bros. sued the filmmakers and won for copyright infringement of The Exorcist(1973). Abby was actually removed from theaters in 1974 and did not resurface again until 2004!! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

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Ben S
Ben S
8 years ago

I love that Juanita Moore, star of the film school staple IMITATION OF LIFE, is in this film.

8 years ago

cool! i haven’t seen this yet!

8 years ago

Everytime I see that head on the top poster I think it’s Benicio Del Toro.

8 years ago

You’re very welcome!

I’m so glad to be able to contribute.