Name That Trauma/Traumafessions :: Reader Ashley M. on a Scary Sheep & Spencer’s Gifts

Okay, today I had a total flashback of a childhood terror. It was a commercial involving a scary, beat-up looking sheep. At first I thought it was one of those mattress commercials, but the sheep was totally different. It was (as I remember) the size of a grown man, walked on two legs, and looked really injured and beaten up (I’m not sure if it was bloody, but it may have been). All that I remember is that it terrified me to no end, and I ran crying from the room.

UPDATE: NAME THAT TRAUMA SOLVED! The sheep in question stems from this Spyro the Dragon spot:

My other great trauma came in the form of a shopping mall store. That store would be Spencer’s (a place that many in my gang of friends, including myself, refer to as “the holy land” due to the fact that you can go into the store and by a bong, facial piercings, sexual paraphernalia, and CDs without walking more than ten steps in any direction), but before it was “the holy land” it was the “area of sudden bowel evacuation.”

The Spencer’s in our mall was (and still is) located directly across from Build-a-Bear workshop. In my childhood, Spencer’s was known for one thing; the huge Crypt Keeper display in the front window. Now, this stupid statue was about a hundred times scarier than the Crypt Keeper from T.V. It had the single most pants-shittingly terrifying expression on its face. It wasn’t cartoonish or even menacing. It simply scowled at you, disgusted, as if you sickened it. It was the same look that you were given by every adult in the vicinity when you did something unacceptable. I’ve even managed to locate a picture.

I didn’t enter an entire wing of that mall with my eyes open until I was almost ten years old, when they finally decided that displaying a horror icon across from a children’s store probably wasn’t the best of ideas.

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