Name That Trauma/Traumafessions :: Reader David O. on It! aka The Curse of the Golem

This one has been bugging me since I was very young and I haven’t managed to track it down. If anyone can help it’s the Kindertrauma readers. I first saw this movie on T.V. in the early ’70s. It was black and white, possibly British, or maybe it just had British actors, and involved a large, scary statue that came to life and killed people. I remember it being a really ugly statue, possibly part-man, part-something else. I seem to recall that the statue killed one man by shoving an umbrella down his throat (creative, I must say). There was the usual police investigation, etc. etc. and it seems that the statue would be near the murdered person, but of course no one thought twice about it.

God I hope I didn’t dream this…


AUNTIE SEZ: After receiving Dave’s initial email, he followed up with this:

I actually found my own answer! The movie is called IT! and it’s from 1966, starring RODDY McDOWALL. The killer statue is a golem, and I’m starting to doubt that the umbrella death ever happened as I can’t find evidence of such a brilliant demise. Perhaps my perverse little mind created that part…

Thanks all the same!!!

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Derek Obrien
11 years ago

I have a copy of this – it’s batshit crazy!
Roddy McDowell is a British Norman Bates, keeping his mother’s mummified corpse in the house and chatting away with it, and that’s before he even unlocks the secrets of the unstoppable Golem. What’s more, the “action” (all described rather than seen) escalates to the point where the British Army contemplates dropping an atomic device on the Golem to destroy it! Such lunacy…

David Fullam
11 years ago

I love it, it’s so insane. Distract Golem and go in and rescue everyone? No, drop the nuke!

11 years ago

Now I’m hoping that somewhere out there is a movie were someone is killed with an umblella down the throat…
Does that make me a bad person?

11 years ago

Well, Knobgobbler, it doesn’t go down his throat, but at least there’s Silent Night Deadly Night 2 for all your umbrella-kill needs.

Oh, and the french short splatter film “Le Bagman”. That thing is HILARIOUS.