Stream Warriors: Rockula & Vicious Lips!

UNK SEZ:: Only two stream warrior selections this week because trust me you will not want to see more after you are done with these two anyway. Also as you read this, myself and Aunt John are on a much needed vacation whooping it up like rock stars at a monster mania convention and by “whooping it up like rock stars” I mean embarrassing ourselves publicly and destroying our good names with behavior not befitting people half our age.

ROCKULA (1990)

I know you’ve seen this one on streaming and told yourself that you are not willing to stoop to such a degree just yet, but I am officially giving you permission to take the plunge and blame the after effects on questionable advice from me. C’mon you know you want to see it, ROCKULA stars DEAN CAMERON of such hits as SUMMER SCHOOL, BAD DREAMS and the exceptional SKI SCHOOL. If I had my way DEAN CAMERON would star in everything but since that is unlikely to happen we are left with only the stuff of reality and that means ROCKULA! How this movie never became a cult staple the world shall never know. It was directed by LUCA BERCOVICI the man behind the original GHOULIES and the so-so-so severely underrated hilarity machine THE GRANNY (1995) and it’s roster of bow-worthy greatness includes DEAN, TONI BASIL, THOMAS DOLBY, BO DIDDLEY, BAD SANTA’s TONY COX and the person I’ll never shut up about SUSAN TYRELL. It’s fun, it’s weird and it boasts both wretched tunes and vampires. It’s stupid true but without stupidity there can be no joy. Stupidity is the main ingredient of joy.


I’m not entirely sure it’s possible that anybody could sit through this entire movie beside myself but I shall direct your attention to it anyway. Directed by ALBERT PYUN who has helmed both above (THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER) and hilariously below (ALIEN IN LA) par trash, VICIOUS LIPS is a sense shredding onslaught of concentrated eighties junk culture crapitude that kinda sorta rules. The more you try to understand it, the more you’ll hate yourself so just sit back and get clobbered by this nearly incoherent and certainly pointless tale of an all girl rock band stranded on the set of UNION OF THE SNAKE while being chased by ELM STREET-inspired mind demons. I assure you that you will hate yourself vehemently at least once while watching this cotton candy haired patience-pusher and that’s part of the decadent fun. One fragment of this theoretical movie that does not fill my heart with vague shame is the fact that its songs are sung by should-have-been SUE SAAD, the woman responsible for singing the best theme song ever recorded “Looker” from LOOKER and also the second best song ever recorded “Highwire” which is also from LOOKER. I wish I could tell you LOOKER was streaming, but it’s not.

Two count em’ two streaming musical wonders with vague connections to horror. One will make you happy, one will make you saad. Both will make you feel as if you are loosing your mind!

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Joanna Boese
11 years ago

Gor, “Rockula” has to be one of my favorite horror comedies…too bad MGM hasn’t put it on DVD. 🙁

11 years ago

I’ve been eyeballin’ VICIOUS LIPS for some time now on the Netflix. That cover art alone makes me want to watch it, no matter how awful it might be. I just. can’t. say. no. to cheesy ’80s vhs art. It’s like a sickness. Can we please start bringing those covers back? Or release them in a coffee table book or something?

11 years ago

you are doing the lord’s work with this stream warriors business. the next time i’m in the neighborhood, i promise to stop by with a muffin basket and Dean Cameron – you deserve at least that. xo