R.I.P. Shirley Temple

Today is going to stink because SHIRLEY TEMPLE is dead. I have to thank SHIRLEY for THE BLUE BIRD (1940) which had a big impact on me as a kid and for helping me write this review of ROB ZOMBIE’S HALLOWEEN II.

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Ben S
Ben S (@eyesofbens)
7 years ago

Rob Zombie is maybe my favorite contemporary horror filmmaker, but I disliked HALLOWEEN so I only saw HALLOWEEN II because of your review. I didn’t like it! I liked the things that you liked (the exploration of Laurie’s experience), but found the whole thing draggy (as opposed to pleasantly boring) and noisy.

And yet I read this review and am sure that I was wrong and must see it again!

mickster (@mickster)
7 years ago

Completely bummed!
I think I will watch The Blue Bird tonight. Thanks for posting the link, Unkle l!