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Spot the Difference:: Dolly Dearest

May 29th, 2020 by unkle lancifer · 5 Comments

There are ten differences between the image above (A) and the image below (B). How many can you find?

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7 months ago

This is tough. I’ve spotted one. Poster on top has one wheel underneath the, uh, robot(?) on the right. The poster below has two wheels.

7 months ago

Spotted another one – one of the Y blocks on the left is on its side in the bottom poster, but upright in the top poster.

7 months ago

Sorry, the Y block is on its side on the top poster, etc.

7 months ago

Think that’s a train on the right and poster B does have 1 more wheel on it than poster A.
Y block as mentioned.
“time to play…” vs just “time to play.”
In main title the Y at the end of “Dolly” has a star on it in poster A, no star in poster B.
The D in Dearest has more of a flourish at the top in A than in B.
A has a sort of yellowy-gold band on the cleaver handle which isn’t in B.
In A the doll has some wisps of grey hair, in B it doesn’t. (There may be a second difference here with some wisps off to the side, but those might be the same difference.)
The little collar on the doll extends down further in A than B.
There’s a crack in a floorboard between the doll’s legs in B which isn’t in A.
First poster has an A in the corner, second poster has a B.