Streaming Alert! :: Frayed (2007)

I just have to give all the dyed-in-the-wool slasher fans out there the heads up that FRAYED is now available on Netflix Streaming. Long time Kindertrauma readers will probably remember that a while back we featured traumafessions from the makers of this independent film (check them out HERE). I have a bit of a soft spot for this under the radar gem because it feels just like the eighties horror movies I gravitated toward in my youth. It owes much to HALLOWEEN (who doesn’t?) but it’s not afraid to shake the formula up a bit to keep things loose and freshly off kilter. I’m not crazy about all of the performances but the actors that really need to go for broke certainly do. If you are one of the folks who recently enjoyed the small town killer on the loose atmosphere of SCREAM 4, I think you’ll find some fun to be had here too, just remember to turn the lights off before you watch and don’t be surprised if when the film is done, you reach to rewind the tape only to remember it’s not on VHS.

I’m happy to see that many people who have watched FRAYED and left comments on Netflix Streaming, IMDb & Amazon seem to appreciate it as much as I do for what it accomplishes. No, there are no big stars in the movie and sometimes its budget is apparent but if you settle down and get yourself into the action, it’s really a fun and thrilling old school ride with real scares. In fact, I’m kind of surprised that FRAYED did not make more of a splash when it came out on DVD. I’m sure it would have if it was given a better push by distributer LIONS GATE. I mean they didn’t even put images from the movie on the back of the DVD case and that is just lazy loco! I know I never rent stuff without pictures on the back because it makes me assume that the movie has something to hide! Well, FRAYED has nothing to hide (especially in the cool visuals department) and the days of reading the back of DVD cases in video stores seems to be over now anyway. Looks like us horror fans are going to have to rely even more on word-of-mouth from now on. You probably already know if a low-budget slasher salute suites your appetites or not. I know for me every once in a while I need that certain late-night fix and FRAYED, now available on Netflix Streaming is one good way to get it.

NOTE: FRAYED will also be making its cable premiere on THE CHILLER CHANNEL on May 6th at 10pm EST! You can check out its home page HERE & its FB page HERE! This is a film that really deserves horror community support. It is made by real fans rather than hired monkeys so I say check it out! HORROR MOVIE A DAY has called it “The best slasher in years!” and you can read that review HERE!

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lottie_of_millhaven (@lottie_of_millhaven)
10 years ago

This one is a lot of fun. Also, it was one of the rare movies to not only have a twist ending that I didn’t see coming, but also made sense and didn’t fall apart if you looked at it for more than three seconds.

Oh,and the killer’s mask is one of my favorites of all time.

Eshbaal (@eshbaal)
10 years ago

I have been wanting to give this one a whirl for a while, but when I watch movies alone I tend to not have the ability to watch much that is any longer than an hour and a half… which is strange, because I love movies a lot. so running time really shouldn’t bother me. But this one has intrigued me since I first heard of it.

Gah, I need more slasher-enthusiastic friends to come over more often.

10 years ago

never seen it, got to download or buy somewhere and check it ;d

rifframone (@rifframone)
10 years ago

I forgot to check to see what time Chiller was running it until a few moments ago- and it’s already on right now. But for any others who may have missed it it will be run again on Saturday and Wednesday!