Streaming Alert:: Pumpkinhead and Monkey Shines Via Comet TV!

Get this, COMET TV is a brand new channel that features science fiction and horror films every day of the week. Even better, you can now LIVE stream COMET TV right on your computer! This means I can watch TV in any room of my house even the many sad rooms that don’t have cable! I don’t know about you but I am on this like white on rice! Check out the full schedule (HERE)!

There is a delicious marathon going down shortly! PUMPKINHEAD is stomping into your living room at 2:00 and then that adorable Ella the monkey makes a house call at 4:OO with a showing of the ever so awesome MONKEYSHINES! Plus even though I didn’t have room for them in the title of this post, our old buddy MAD MAX crashes the party at 8:00 and then it’s off to the scariest house that ever existed with the Kindertrauma-klassic BURNT OFFERINGS at 10:00 starring master thespian KAREN BLACK and the voluptuous OLIVER REED. Wait, did I get that backwards? Nope. Anyways, you should get on this generous smorgasbord today and every day! I know I will. Thanks COMET TV! I think I love you (LIVE STREAM HERE)!

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Groovy Doom
Groovy Doom
6 years ago

Comet TV is fantastic!! I wish the movies weren’t edited, but they have excellent taste. Oh, and my favorite Oliver Reed movie is “Women In Love”, for reasons that are frontally obvious.

6 years ago

Did COMET TV replace another network? It seems to have just appeared out of nowhere…I like it, too. It provided me with the only opportunity to see some stuff I’d only read about as a kid…