Sunday Streaming:: Celebrity Ghost Stories

Everybody knows by now that I love TubiTV but the news of the day is that TubiTV apparently loves me back because they are now offering three full seasons of the ever-elusive Celebrity Ghost Stories! It is also possible that I’ve been binge-watching said program all weekend and it has permanently altered my perception of reality and I’m good with that. I know the title is amusing and that some folks knee-jerk scoff at ghost stories but this show is legit awesome in my book.

I mean, ya’ll know I appreciate personal stories and recollections (that’s what kindertrauma is all about) and first-hand supernatural experiences can’t help but be enthralling to me. Maybe I’m too gullible but I believe about ninety-eight percent of the talking heads on this show. I’ve only given a skeptical side-eye to a story maybe twice so far. My M.O. is to dive-in facetiously as if I’m going to mock-view it and then I inevitably find myself genuinely engrossed and mystified and sometimes even moved and left with a more positive, hopeful stance regarding that whole “we’re all going to die” rumor that keeps gnawing at my troubled psyche.  Sometimes this show leaves me with the feeling that there could possibly be meaning and order in the universe after all and as unlikely as that may be, I’m all for it. Wait, can you believe Billy Baldwin played little league baseball with one of the Amityville DeFeo Kids?

Geez, I can’t believe the show is ten years old (!) and truth is, some of the stories (particularly those of Daryl Hannah and Fairuza Balk) have stuck with me all these years after I first viewed them. One of the great things about CGS is that it doesn’t require you to watch the interview and sketchy reenactments; you can do other stuff (wash dishes, paint your basement, play Plants vs Zombies) and just listen (like one of those podcasts the kids are talking about?). The absolutely CRAZY-making (lone) drawback of CGS is that it is formatted for some reason to “recap’ stories after commercial breaks (which no longer exist) and so it takes some patience and a sense of humor to endure its unnecessary repetitiveness. Oh boy, I have to get back to watching/listening. I’m only half-finished and Marilyn Manson and Shelly Long are awaiting me up ahead! Check out CGS HERE!

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