Sunday Streaming:: Creature (1985)

Hey! My favorite hokey ALIEN rip-off CREATURE (earlier tribute HERE) is hanging out on TubiTV (apologies to all our faithful readers who don’t get TubiTV in their area) and can be seen for free HERE! It looks super spectacular all widescreen and digitally re-mastered and it’s even wearing its original title THE TITAN FIND. How am I supposed to leave the house today? The soundtrack is enticing me from my little computer speaker as we speak! Wow, Lyman Ward appeared in both CREATURE and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2: FREDDY’S REVENGE back in 1985 and still found time to show up on DALLAS and NIGHT COURT! And how I dig that Joe Dante fave Wendy (THE BURBS, SMALL SOLDIERS) Schaal is shown reading a novelization of director William Malone’s previous film SCARED TO DEATH (1980) and it claims to be a “#1 Bestseller”!  Aw, I love this flick forever.

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Dylan Donnie-Duke
Dylan Donnie-Duke
3 years ago

First and foremost, Unk, I am sorry that I have not been active on here lately. I’m starting to crawl back out of my shell now. Secondly, I am so happy to see that you are writing more again. I have missed your movie reviews which, very honestly, are the only reviews I read, because you are the only writer I know who can humanize characters in ways I never see. It’s always refreshing, and ALWAYS clearly articulated. Just wanted you to know how appreciated what you do is. Thirdly, Creature freaking RULES!!! Any film that lets Klaus K vamp, “I saw a movie once, where a group of people were trapped in an ice station by a carrot from another planet,” is a film I can get behind. Thanks for the reminder on this gem! Can’t wait to watch it tonight (I would actually watch it right now, but I’m introducing the lad to another forgotten classic, Return of the Living Dead 3.)! This one may be a Walter Paisley Movie House screener soon!