Sunday Streaming:: Daughter of the Mind (1969)

Earlier this week we had a Name That Trauma involving a father staring into a fireplace and lamenting the loss of a child. I didn’t come close to being able to identify it but it sure reminded me of a Name That Trauma from our early days (HERE) which turned out to be the 1969 TV movie DAUGHTER OF THE MIND. If you ask me, this ghost tale based on a book by PAUL GALLICO (THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE) goes a bit off the rails with its bonkers explanations but that doesn’t dilute the haunting quality of many of its supernatural scenes particularly the chilling opening that closes with a ghost child (THE TOOLBOX MURDERSPAMELYN FERDIN) admitting, “I hate being dead.” So let’s say we check out DAUGHTER OF THE MIND today, I’d say it’s perfect Sunday Streaming fare/Super Bowl counter programming! Not sold? Do the names RAY MILLAND and GENE TIERNEY mean anything to you? Hey, it’s even got the exact same opening theme music as WHEN MICHAEL CALLS! What’s that all about?

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Matt Sunshine
Matt Sunshine
5 years ago

I wish the powers that be would clean this one up and give it a proper DVD release. I don’t understand how some Made-for TV-Movies that aren’t that great and no one talks about have DVD’s while others with many fans are left to remain in obscurity. You’d think with all the views and comments on youtube some company would be in a hurry to release them.