Sunday Streaming:: Something Evil (1972)

It’s time again for Sunday Streaming! This past weekend has put me in the mood for SOMETHING EVIL! This made for television movie from 1972 stars our dear departed friends SANDY DENNIS and DARREN McGAVIN and features JOHNNY WHITAKER of A TALKING CAT? fame! It was directed by that guy who did DUEL! You can read more about it in THIS post from 2007 but maybe you shouldn’t because look how I used to write in big giant mounds of indecipherable goobledegook that today, even I can’t decipher! What the hell?! Best to just to enjoy the fine movie below!

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9 years ago

i’m all over it!!!


Brother Bill
9 years ago

That jar full of goop that cried like a baby… still creeps me out! I don’t believe its ever even rationalized in the film… just a disturbing, unexplained mystery. Wish it would come out on DVD

9 years ago

My mom told me about this movie a few years ago. I have been wanting to see it. Thanks for reminding me about it! The crying baby sound is really creepy!