Sunday Viewing:: Doom Asylum (1987)

If you’ve been a nice person lately then you deserve to watch DOOM ASYLUM (1987) and if you’ve been an awful person then I’m afraid you deserve to watch it even more. DOOM ASYLUM was directed by a fine fellow named RICHARD FRIEDMAN who also gifted us with such treats as PHANTOM OF THE MALL: ERIC’S REVENGE and multiple episodes of both TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE and FRIDAY THE 13th:THE SERIES! YAY! Yep, I’m sure everybody will enjoy watching this, everyone except TV’s KRISTIN DAVIS who was tricked into thinking she won the role of “Simon” in a live action CHIPMUNKS movie! Sorry, KRISTIN, that was a cruel prank but it’s been years; it’s time to drop the grudge and move on!

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7 years ago

My then-husband wanted to watch this with me a few years before we got divorced. Should have taken it as a sign.