Sunday Viewing:: Final Jeopardy (1985)

Yikes, the day is almost done and I forgot to pick a Sunday movie to view. I know, how about one of my all time favorite TV movies that never gets nearly the love it so richly deserves, 1985’s FINAL JEOPARDY? This movie made zero sense back in the day and it makes even less now but it’s so darn entertaining anyway. RICHARD THOMAS (THE WALTONS) and MARY CROSBY (DALLAS) star as a couple of country mice who get trapped in the big city overnight and face a zillion unlikely obstacles trying to get back home. It’s absurd and it’s awesome and it must be seen even if only for John Boy’s killer mustache. Hurry, the city closes at seven!!!

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Brother Bill
7 years ago

LOVE Final Jeopardy… one of those titles I caught on TV and had to hunt down years later after someone invented the Internets. I disagree that the premise makes zero sense. There are parts of town that can completely shut down at night, and before cell phones, you could find yourself walking a few square miles before finding a phone. Would love to see a DVD release of this title!

7 years ago

Count me in as another Final Jeopardy fan. Even with the cheesy completely unrealistic lines (“you’re my main squeeze now!”), it was gripping when I watched it originally on TV. Sure, it plays on suburban fear of the city (believe me, that was heavily instilled in me growing up), but there are certainly parts of my town I wouldn’t want to be stuck overnight in!