Sunday Viewing:: Quiet Cool Presented By Darkko

Hi! This is “Darkko.”

I searched your site and did not see anything for Quiet Cool. It’s a fairly violent revenge-with-a-buddy type of deal. It’s so bad it’s actually entertaining. Basically, some psychotic pot farming guys think it’s best they slaughter anyone who lays eyes on their precious marijuana. The main guy and his buddy exchange many long, questionable looks with each other! Hahaha…
It’s available to watch on youtube…

UNK SEZ: Thanks a zillion Darrko! I was just wondering the other day why I keep the KT fires burning when I only get paid negative 10 cents an hour and after nearly seven years of diligent service I have yet to win a Pulitzer (I know!). But then I remembered it’s because I love movies so much that it is not even remotely funny. Point is, I would have never seen this one without your kind help and that would have been a real shame and I’m so glad that KT provides me with a place to share titles with fine folks like yourself. QUIET COOL is so awesome that I do believe the ghost of PATRICK SWAYZE watched it with me.

Now, if any of you other peeps know of a good movie that’s viewable online in full, please do feel free to write in to and if it’s not too inappropriate we’ll share your recommendation with the rest of the class on a future Sunday! How QUIET COOL is that?

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9 years ago

The mullet is strong with this one.

9 years ago

Wow, thanks for the kind words!

If I had been certain that you had not already seen Quiet Cool, I would have written it up a bit better for ya!

Here’s the awesome song featured in Quiet Cool:

I had no idea they used an instrumental version of the song in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3. As you point out in the screen shot, there’s a scene where some of the characters are watching A Nightmare on Elm Street, though I’m not sure which one.

Is there a secret connection or meaning? Hmm…

Also, I can’t believe you’re not pulling in dough by the handfuls for Kindertrauma!?!?! That is just WRONG!

I spend more time than I’d like to admit combing nefarious corners of the internet looking for 80s movies(mostly horror).

If it’s a help to you, I’ll be more diligent about referencing Kindertrauma for anything you may have not seen.

Kindertrauma is my FAVORITE place to read about and discover awesome movies that I may never have enjoyed. A big THANKS to YOU, Unk!

Just bought myself a Kindertrauma shirt!

If there’s any other way to support your amazing site, I hope you’ll keep all your loyal readers in the loop.

9 years ago


After a quick glance at the IMDB pages for Quiet Cool and A Nightmare on Elm Street 3, I found a couple people involved with both films…

David Chackler – music supervisor
Robert Shaye – producer

8 years ago

No guilt, I love the shirt! It’s so QUIET COOL!

I’m so sorry to hear about Wally. What a sweet, handsome fellow.

I recently lost my beloved feline boy, Zillah.

At one point, I had six feline kids in my one bedroom LA apartment.

After reading that Catster article, I could only dream to have friends such you guys, Lance Vaughan and John Powell.

It’s hard meet other horror loving cat guy in LA!

Seriously, thanks for what ya’ll do.

8 years ago

Definitely, that’d be awesome!

There’s lots of horror-related activities around LA during Halloween. My favorite is an all-night b-movie horror marathon at the Aero Theatre, the spot where they filmed the movie scene in Donnie Darko!

Thank you, I’m grateful for the time I got to share with Zillah.