The Best Thing EVER?


Chocolate and peanut butter, ARGENTO and A’HADONALD PLEASENCE and monkeys… some great tastes are even better together as this video clearly illustrates. Is it bat-shit crazy or simply the most brilliant thing ever created? You be the judge! 

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Fred C. Dobbs
Fred C. Dobbs (@fred-c-dobbs)
13 years ago

Here are three cool horror compilation videos I saw on the Tube that feature scenes from the awesome “Phenomena” / “Creepers”.

IrvingWallace (@irvingwallace)
13 years ago

Phenomena aka Creepers is one of the greatest films ever created. Argento at his best by far. AWESOME soundtrack by Goblin. Cool death scenes a great decap in the beginning and some awesome insect controlling by none other than Jennifer Connelly when she was really young.